Gurugnana Sambandar Mission Matriculation School  


The Founder Sri-la-Sri Shanmuga Desika Gnanasambanda Paramacharya Swamigal, Adhinakarthar, Dharumai Adheenam has created a Trust as “Gurugnanasambandar Mission” named after the Adhi Guru of Dharumapuram Adheenam, with three main objectives to serve society.
Through the Educational wing
Through the Health wing
Through the Religious and Spiritual wing.
The Educational wing was formed by the “Gurugnana Sambandar Mission” to run, maintain, carry on, improve and enlarge the educational institutions already under the management and control of Dharmapuram Adheenam and if thought fit, to start or take over educational institution for the welfare of the general public. Advancement of educational service in par with service to the Almighty is the basic object of “Gurugnanasambandar Mission”
The object of the school is to bring education of High Quality within the reach of middle class people, at minimum costs, it strives to inculcate Hindu culture and ideals ethical and moral values and discipline in children - Harmonious blending of traditional and progressive methods leading to fuller development of the child mentally, physically and morally. The school aims at developing all round capabilities of children.
  School Motto :
The unifying principle for spiritual and moral education is love of God, esteem for the truth, all exercised with regard and concern for human rights as expressed by the school motto.
Lord Sivaperuman has assumed the posture of Dhakshinamoorthy to highlight the greatness of Guru and this signifies the fact that by worshipping the Guru one can attain enlightenment.
  ITS Consistency with National and State level Goals  
To cultivate basic qualities of character, after Morning Prayer every day, the life histories of saints from ithikas and puranas are told and the outcome of good habits are stressed. The services and sacrifices of Nayanmars and achariyas are explained and children are asked to follow such noble principles of sacrifice. Certain inscriptions are displayed in prominent places, so that children become familiar with all of them. They are motivated to do service for the betterment of their friends, relatives, and people around them. Current happenings, which cause damage to the society, are explained to them and they are advised to choose the right path. Advantages of treating others with kindness and affection are explained with the help of some stories and the importance of National integration is inculcated in the young mind.
Due importance is given to teach them about the environmental cleanliness, preservation of water resources, energy etc., and also pollution control. Even outside the class periods their behavior is observed and when found different, they are affectionately advised to correct their defects; and to develop positive attitudes, and spirit of sharing with their friends and classmates.
Character building is the goal. The young children are trained to respect their parents and elders. Good habits are inculcated and these are inspired by popular sayings like
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