Gurugnana Sambandar Mission Matriculation School  

  Extra Curricular Activities 

Cultural Activities :-  

“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection”


The Kayilai Gurumani Kalai Arangam, the open air auditorium and the Shanmuga Kalai Arangam (indoor) with a capacity to accommodate 1000 and 500 spectators respectively provide an ideal platform for the exquisite display of artistic talents of students in fine arts.  

In order to bring out latent talents in arts, classes in music and classical dance are arranged for students after school hours. A qualified music and dance teacher cater to the artistic needs of the pupils.  

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressibe is music”. -Aldnes Huxley.  

M.Iyshwarya of VII C was conferred the title of “Kalai Ilamani”, by the Nagapattinam District Collector thiru. M. Veera shanmugamani. She enthralled the listeners by her spellbinding voice when she rendered a music concert on All India Radio in the “Siruvar Isaimedai” programme.  

The Thiruneriya Tamil Mandram of the Thiruvaduthurai Adheenam conducted a competition in rendering devotional songs in January 2003. S. Vaishnavi of VII C won the first prize and S. Vaishnavi of IX D won the third prize.  

S. Anushameena IX B and S.Akshaya VI E have the gift to fascinate their audiences, be it a live concert on T.V. Programme like, “Ilam Medhaigal Nigalchi (on Jaya T.V. on 26.4.2002.) and “Mazhalai Medhaigal (on Podhigai T.V.) or on “All India Radio(18.05.02)  

The L.I.C. Mayiladuthurai conducted an interschool competition for students in connection with the 46 th Insurance week celebration from 1.9.02-7.9.02. S.Vaishnavi of VIC won the second prize in the music competition.  


Yoga is essentially a method for the discipline of the body and the mind leading up to spiritual training. Students of the primary section are allotted two periods a week for the practice of yoga. One of our physical training instructresses, a practioner of yoga trains the students in yoga exercises. Another Qualified Yoga teacher is also giving rigorous training in Yoga.  

Craft Work:-  

A trained craft teacher has been appointed. She is skilled in teaching the children to make craft out of waste and useful and attractive articles with needle and thread, wool, colour paper, chocolate wrappers etc., The articles made by students have been displayed in the school library.  


“What passions cannot music raise and quell?” -John Dryden  

The primary section gets a period a week to learn devotional songs. A teacher has been appointed, exclusively for the teaching of devotional songs.

National Green Corps:-  

“We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do”.  

The N.G.C. has been introduced in our school, to create awareness among youngsters to keep our environment clean and safe for us and generations to come.  

Drawing and Painting: -  

Under the devoted guidance of the Drawing master, many students have availed themselves, of drawing out their inert talent, and have won many a laurel in the interschool competitions, bagging prestigious prizes in drawing and painting. In our K.G Common room, where children play in-door games. Our students talented in drawing have drawn the cartoon and pictures in paintings, and all appreciates it.  

  • M.Sriram of II C won the silver medal for his gorgeous piece of art in the crayon painting competition held at Pondicherry on 28.06.2002. It was conducted by, Dhinakaran and V.S Tex.  

In connection with Childrens’ Day celebration, on 14.11.2002, The Rotary Club of MayiladuthuraiMid-Town conducted a drawing competition for students, to create awareness on Polio. Our students made a clean sweep of all the prizes. R.B.Maheshwari of VIII bagged the first prize; S.Vaishnavi of IX D got the second prize, A Arun Raj of IX A secured the III Prize while R.Sasirekha IX B, A Arthi VIII A and E Muthumeena of VIII received the consolation prizes.  

The participation of our students in the “Design a Stamp Contest” conducted by the Head Post Office of Mayiladuthurai, and The Hindu, Young World Paining competition have been remarkable.

Chutti Vikadan - Special Function 

Colour Galatta and their Endowment  

Chutti Vikadan is a children’s magazine from Anandavikadan group. The Marketing group of Publishers arranged a special Programme. About 700 students of Mayiladuthurai participated in this Programme, by paying one-year subscription amount of Rs.180/- for Chutti Vikadan.  

Chutti Vikadan – Colour Galatta a Special training Programme for children of Mayiladuthurai was held in our school on 15 th and 16 th June 2002. Professors and Experts in the field of Drawing and Painting gave special training to our kids. They were taught portrait drawing, painting, stencil cutting, spray painting, making clay models, kite making, Oil painting, glass painting, mask making, painting T Shirts etc. All the participants were given special kits with painting materials. It was a grand function in Mayiladuthurai. At the end of the programme, various items prepared by the participants, were arranged as an exhibition, and it was well attended by parents.

Endowment for Drawing Competition  

As our children made more than 700 subscriptions, the publishers of Chutti Vikadan have created an Endowment for Rs.10,000/- towards prizes for drawing competitions held in our school. We utilize the benefit of the endowment to give away prizes for the winners in the drawing competitions during the annual day celebrations.

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