Gurugnana Sambandar Mission Matriculation School  


“oh, how cruelly sweet are the echoes that start,

when Memory plays an old tune on the heart!” -Eliza Cook

Most loyalties are difficult to explain, and loyalty to the school is no exception. Alumni Association differ from most other societies in one important respect, - their members are not proposed and elected, and indeed, have little to say in the matter of qualification for membership. The only thing that they have in common is that their respective parents happened to send them, to this institution. What bond can exist among them! As students they are drawn together in comradeship, through loyalty to a common ideal. The strength of the ideal is that, it continues to hold them together after the end of their school communal life.  

Alumni of the school, meet in the school premises at least once a year. This meeting helps them to exchange their life experiences, and to recollect their activities during their learning stages, and they plan to have continuous contacts. Students who happen to live in local and surrounding areas come to the school to attend the functions. Some Alumni extend their help to the present deserving students, by providing financial help for payment of fees, books etc.  

One former student Mr.Chochalingam, who is now working as a media person, arranged for the counselling session, identified the students problems, and submitted a report for us to take follow up action wherever necessary. He has volunteered to create an endowment.  

Students of this institution, who are presently in coveted positions, are invited to be the guests of honour and their deliberations in the form of address are a source of encouragement to the present generation of students.

Feel happy that our school is entering into the silver Jubilee year. We, the management, the principal and the teachers an eager to have all of you to be associated with our institution again on this happy occasion. To establish contact, send all required information. We proposed to have alumni day in the month of November-10th- 2007.


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